Explanation of three basic patterns (strokes) of right hand movement


This article is for those who

・want to know the basic patterns of the right hand.

・can play some chords, but I don’t know what to do next.
・don’t know how to practice after I can play chords.
・want to know the basic patterns of the right hand.

I will explain the basic patterns for the right hand.

(1) A brief introduction to basic right hand patterns

There are three basic patterns for the right hand.
i) 8 beats
ii) 16 beats
iii) Arpeggio
There are many other ways to play, but for now, I think it is a good idea to learn the three first.
To get a feel for them, I think it is best to listen to them first, so I will introduce each pattern.
I will play the same chord progression


but you will get a very different impression from one pattern to another, so please listen and compare.

(2) 8-beat strokes

This is the most basic pattern.

(3) 16-beat stroke

Let’s compare it with the 8-beat stroke.

(4) Arpeggio

This is a slightly different system, but it is a technique that is often used.

Among these, starting with the 8-beat stroke will help you get a feel for the right hand movement, so I will explain how to play the 8-beat stroke in the next article.
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How to Play Guitar: Basic Patterns of Right Hand Movement (Basics of 8-beat Strokes (1))