Guitar-life – English

This web site is for…

・Those who want to start playing guitar

・People who have bought a guitar but don’t know where to start

・Those who want to know how to arrange music with playing and vocal accompaniment

This blog summarizes guitar practice methods and information.

It mainly contains articles for beginners about playing and singing, but also includes arrangements using chords used in jazz. Not only those who have started playing the acoustic guitar, but also those who have started playing the electric guitar, will find it helpful to learn the tricks of playing the guitar if they start by playing and singing.

I will try to make this blog as easy to understand as possible so that anyone can work on it, so please keep reading.


◆Information for guitar beginners

・Points on how to choose an acoustic guitar for beginners and 10 highly rated guitars

・What you need to start playing the guitar

◆ Guitar arrangement explanation

Jazz chords that can be used as accompaniment for playing and vocals

Jazz chord 1 (major type)

Jazz chord 2 (minor type)

Jazz chord 3 (seventh type)

[Arrangement] How to easily arrange it in a jazz style


◆Guitar/Related product information

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